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How to choose a hand-held compact road roller

The hand-held roller is a roller that is supported by both hands for compaction. It requires convenient operation, lightweight, and compacting operations in narrow areas where large rollers cannot enter.

There are currently two categories of single-drum walk-behind rollers produced in China:

  1. Those weighing 300 kg and above. This type of roller engine is mostly a diesel engine, and the transmission system is belt or chain transmission, and the exciting force is about 1.5-2.0 tons.
  2. Self-weight 200 kg and below. The engines of this type of rollers are mostly Honda gasoline engines, and the transmission system is driven by chain or hydraulic transmission. The exciting force is about 1.2-1.5 tons. The whole machine is light and can move forward and backward. No special crane or loader is required when the job is transferred, and the tool cart can be moved manually.

Advantages of walk-behind rollers

Walk-behind rollers are widely used in highways, garden roads, sidewalks, etc. Walk-behind rollers are suitable for areas with narrow spaces. This kind of walk-behind rollers has a unique performance.

  1. The walk-behind roller has the characteristics of small size, reasonable structure, etc., and has an extra-large water tank, which increases the continuous use time.
  2. The walk-behind roller’s steel wheels can prevent the accumulation of soil and asphalt, and the pressure is smoother.
  3. The walk-behind roller is an adjustable handle, which is more comfortable and convenient for the operator to operate.
  4. The walk-behind roller is easy to maintain and has a wide range of applications, especially suitable for compaction against walls and curbstones.

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