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How to operate a small road roller?

First, to start a small roller on the ground, you should begin to shake; the roller’s internal combustion engine modulates to a medium speed.

Second, Driving at high-speed frequencies, small rollers cannot combine vibration.

Third, When shifting and changing directions, stop the machine first and reduce the internal combustion engine’s speed.

Fourth, it should be rolled 1 to 2 times without vibration and then vibrated when moving a soft roadbed.

Fifth, Before turning off the machine, stop the vibration, place the reversing mechanism in the middle position, put the transmission in neutral, and finally pull up the hand brake lever. The internal combustion engine will turn off after idling for a few minutes.

Sixth, Disengage the primary clutch first and then adjust the reversing clutch, shock clutch, and brake.


Seventh, do not use fast gears when going up or downhill. In sharp turns, including articulated vibratory rollers when rolling in small turns, short loads are strictly prohibited.

Eighth, it is strictly forbidden to vibrate the roller on solid ground.

Ninth, when rolling, the vibration frequency should be consistent. For a vibratory roller that can adjust your vibration frequency, you should first adjust the vibration frequency before working. Do not change the vibration frequency without starting vibration.

Finally, other operating requirements should meet the needs of the static pressure roller.

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